Funeral Memorial Slideshow Presentation Australia

Why choose us (a professional) to create your Funeral Memorial Slideshow?
When a loved one dies, lots of people decide to create a Funeral Photo Montage Slideshow to remember and honour them. There is not usually a lot of time, and often the most that can be achieved is to gather the available photographs and throw them into some kind of automatically generated funeral slideshow. And that’s just fine. After all it’s about the person and not the slideshow.
What if you want to do a little better?
Even if you have limited time we can create a special kind of Funeral Memorial Slideshow for more than just being shown at the funeral service but a slideshow that will be treasured for years to come and will become a family heirloom.

Wedding Photo Retouching Sydney

Professional Wedding Photo Retouching

This beautiful husband and wife who were married 11 years ago came to Stylistix wanting to fix there wedding photos and have a wedding album made.

At the time of there wedding the wedding photographer was still using film and accidentally had light leaking in to the back of his camera thereby causing the film to have red and orange through out spoiling the photos once they were printed.

With professional photo retouching   we were able to remove the light leaks and transform the photos to a more professional quality allowing us to be  able to display the photos professionally in a wedding album.

wedding photo retouching sydney

fix mywedding photos

wedding photo fix

Would you like to see the wedding albums we have on offer at a reasonable price?     See here:

Photo Editing beach Wedding

Professional Photo editing Beach Wedding

Planned the perfect beach wedding but mother nature has other ideas by dumping fleuro green seaweed on the beach the night before?

You think it is so distracting and you just have to put up with it, think again.

Professional photo editing can remove unwanted objects that you would never know it was there before.

wedding photo editing retouching

Photo Montage for Christening

When you get testimonials like this all the hard work has paid of!


Melanie – South Hurstville

A photo montage, picture montage given in a photo montage frame will be enjoyed for generations.

Your family portraits, wedding images, or any special photos can be transformed into a framed gift that will be appreciated for years.

Need a photo montage idea or a wedding gift idea?

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Change Background of my photo

Background photo change
When you have a photo on a boring background and you wish you could replace it.

With Professional photo editing we can replace any photo with a new background.
The most difficult photo as shown here is when the subject has fly away hair.
When you hire a professional they can edit any photos with difficult subjects to enhance your photo to a level you never thought possible.
Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer.

Photo Montage Photo Collage

Photo Montage For 80th Birthday

Suzanne was looking for a special 80th Birthday gift for her mother and thought what better way to celebrate someones life then with a Photo Montage Collage.

We worked together and came up with a   photo montage   to display her mothers life in a special way.

Suzanne had the photo placed in a white frame and was happy to contact me after her mother’s party to thank me for a job well done.

She even went to the trouble of taking a photo so I could see what the photo montage    looked like after framing.

Thank you so much for the montage.
I love it, as did my mum.
There were many ppl admiring your beautiful work at the party.
Everyone commented on what a wonderful job you did.
You positioned the photos beautifully and I really appreciated how accommodating you were with all my requests.
The framed montage as displayed at the party.

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